ExaminationPrivatePrivate PlanSavings
Routine Exam (includes first 2 X rays)up to £75Included in the Plan* 
New patient Exam (includes first 2 Xrays)£85Included in the Plan* 
Additional X rays£10£910% Discount
Emergency / Urgent AppointmentPrivatePrivate PlanSavings
Within working hours£75£67.5010% Discount
Global Dental A&E Assistance Scheme** Included in the Plan 
Outside of working hoursCall NHS 111Call NHS 111 

*Either your new patient exam and a 6-month exam are included or 2 routine exams within a 12-month period (extra exams are charged at £58.50).
**This is not an insurance scheme but offers support to patients who request assistance when more than 25 miles away from our practice following an accident, emergency or diagnosed with mouth cancer.

HygienePrivatePrivate PlanSavings
Eirlys Hygiene Session£75Included in the Plan* 
Eirlys Airflow£40 additional£36 additional£4
CrownsPrivatePrivate PlanSavings
Tooth Coloured (Porcelain bonded)£595£535£60
Full Porcelain or Zirconia£750£675£75
ImplantsPrivatePrivate PlanSavings
Implant consultation£90£81£9
Dental Implants£1750£1615.50£134.50
Implant Crowns£750£595£55
BridgesPrivatePrivate PlanSavings
Bridges per unit£500£450£50
Teeth WhiteningPrivatePrivate PlanSavings
Home Teeth Whitening (4 syringes)£295£265£30
Home Teeth Whitening (8 syringes)£395£355£40
Additional 4 syringes£150£135£15
White Fillings (Natural Aesthetic)PrivatePrivate PlanSavings
X small£80£72£8
VeneersPrivatePrivate PlanSavings
Eirlys Studio Visualisation Consultation (wax up)£200£180£20
Porcelain Veneer£550£495£55
Eirlys Studio Veneer£695£625£70
Composite Bonding£220£198£22
DenturesPrivatePrivate PlanSavings
Acrylic Dentures: Single Arch£500£450£50
Chrome Cobalt Dentures: Single Arch£1000£900£100
Flexible dentures£1000£900£100
Sports & ProtectivePrivatePrivate PlanSavings
Night Guard£125£112.50£12.50
Sports Guard£135£121.50£13.50
Eirlys Studio Personalised Sports Guard£145£130.50£14.50
OrthodonticsPrivatePrivate PlanSavings
Eirlys Studio 3D Digital visualisation£200£180£20
6-Month Smiles£1700/Arch£1530/Arch£170
Clear Aligners£1700/Arch£1530/Arch£170
Root Canal TreatmentPrivatePrivate PlanSavings
Incisor & Canine£495£445£50
ExtractionsPrivatePrivate PlanSavings
Complex / Surgical£120-£220£108-£198£12-£22
Simple Extraction£80-£120£72-£108£8-£12
Oral SurgeryPrivatePrivate PlanSavings
Surgical Extraction / Wisdom Tooth Extraction£350-£400£315 - £360£35 - £40
Complex Extraction£275 - £325£248 - £293£27 - £32
Complex Root Canal TreatmentPrivatePrivate PlanSavings
Endodontic (Root Canal) Consultation£50£45£5
Incisor & Canine£550£495£55
Molars + Retreatment Prices From£695£625£70
SedationPrivatePrivate PlanSavings
Fillers & Skin RejuvenationPrivatePrivate PlanSavings
Botox per site£180£162£18

All plan members receive a 10% discount on all private treatments